Gear Test: Stainless Steel vs Double Wall Mug

I was just digging through my gear box and came across a DOUBLE WALL STAINLESS STEEL MUG. I got it as a christmas present three or so years ago. Turning it in my hands, I was wondering: "mmm....How much difference in insulation does a double wall make, compared to a single wall stainless steel mug?"
Hey, it's a Sunday afternoon in Advent and the first snow fell outside. Let's do a gear test!

I kept digging through my gear box, until I held a 20 year old, single wall stainless steel mug in my other hand.

Off I go into the kitchen. Boil some water in the kettle. Fill both mugs with the same amount of hot water. Stick a  thermometer into each. Set the mugs outside on the balcony and start the stop watch.

The results after 5 minute:



On the left of each picture is the double wall stainless steel mug. On the right the single wall stainless steel mug.

The outside temperature at the time of the experiment was 0° Celsius.

Those two thermometers are for checking the temperatur of roasting meat, but I thought they are just doing fine for my little gear test  :-)


After 5 minutes the temperature of the water in the DOUBLE WALL mug had dropped to 68° Celsius.
In the SINGLE WALL mug the temperatur had fallen to 58° Celsius.
A difference of 10° Celsius. 


Yes, the double wall mug clearly kept the liquid warmer for longer. The difference in temperatur (10°C) though wasn't quite as much as I had expected.

The single wall mug can be used as a pot on top of a stove to heat or boil content. Do not use double wall mugs for cooking.

Both mugs in this experiment are of no specific brand name. 


What's your opinion? Double wall mugs - top or flop?
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