Addendum: USB Multiplug

Anker Quad-Port Wall Charger

In my last Blog! post (Laugavegur Trail - General Information) I talked about the difficulties of keeping all the electronic gear charged while traveling. Some places (huts, hostle, hotel rooms, coffee shops,...) have a shortage on electric outlets.

I explained how bringing a multiplug can easily make you a very populare person.


In my Blog! I asked, if anybody had seen a multiplug with more than two USB outlets. I had been looking for one in the local stores, but only found those with two USB outlets.

Within a day I got an email from Argentinia...Yes, Argentinia. Who knew anyone reads my website in Argentinia.
Well, the email had a link to the Amazon store, where they sell various USB multiplugs. It directed me to the Anker USB adapter with four outlets. Hurray....exactly what I was looking for. I ordered it and are now holding the Anker Quad-Port Wall Charger in my hands. From now on I will be a four times as populare person to share an electric outlet with.

The Anker Quad-Port Features (according manufacturers own data):

  • Full speed charges for every device (up to 2.4 Amps)
  • 36W of Power: Enough power to full-speed-charge 4 devices simultanously
  • Compact profile allows for easy purse or bag stowage

My own remark is: The thing is maybe a little heavy, with 125 Gramms.

In other countries I will also need an adapter, as the two pin design doesn't fit all standards. 


I asked a question on my Blog! and someone in the world answered it for me. I love it.

Many thanks to Facundo, from Argentinia :-)

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    Julian (Tuesday, 05 June 2018 12:31)

    Very handy to have, but add also the weight of all the other gadgets to be charged, plus cables, it quickly adds up. If weight is your concern there could be some tough decisions to be made about what to bring on the trip. Alternative, charge your powerbank overnight, then use it to charge the other devices one by one?

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    Alpintiger (Friday, 08 June 2018 20:53)

    OK, the quad-port weighs 120 gramm and has four USB outlets. I weight the other USB chargers I have: 2 single USB outlets + 1 double USB outlets = total of 4 USB outlets, together they weight 120 Gramms.
    So, the weight of the Quad-port is on par with the three other plugs (2 single, one double).
    Weight is an issue on some tours. For backpacking I might therefore only take the double port along.
    It's more an issue at hostles, coffee shops or other places, where a lot of travelers storm the few available power outlets. If you have a multiplug you can ask someone, if they will let you share the outlet they already use.