Ortlieb Back-Roller on Frontwheel?

Here is a bicycle question I was asked recently: "I have a question for you: Is it possible to use the back bags Ortlieb on the front trunk of the pizza rack?


For my bicycle touring I have Ortlieb bicylce bags. I have a pair of front panniers and rear panniers.


Front Panniers:

model: Sport-Roller Classic

height/width/depth: 30/25/14 cm  or   11.8/9.8/5.5 inch

volume (of 2 bags): 25 Liter  or  56.1 in³


Back Panniers:

model: Back-Roller Classic

height/width/depth: 42/32/23 cm  or  16.5/12.6/6.7 inch

volume (of 2 bags): 40 Liter  or   2441 in³


To answer the question: I would say, yes, it is technically possible to use the larger back pannier on the front wheel, but....

Please see the photographes below.

First picture: front pannier on front wheel.

Second picture: larger back pannier on front wheel

Third picture: back pannier on front wheel, photographed from the back side.


In the third picture you see that the stabilizing hook needs to be moved into a different position, to grab hold of the lower tube of the pizza rack.

Yes, technically it is possible to fit this large back pannier onto the front wheel. I said "but..." because I am not sure if it is advisable. I personally wouldn't do so. Fully loaded the weight of the smaller front panniers already interfered with the steering. The much larger back panniers would be loaded with more gear, resulting in more weight onto the front wheel and thus more interference with the steering. 

This is my reasoning to this question. I guess other people may have different opinions. I'd be sure interested to hear them.

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    Pizza (Wednesday, 20 June 2018 14:56)

    Thanks for the test, that's really helpful. Now it just needs to be loaded up and taken for a ride of some typical distance and terrain. Let us know how it handles. Like you say, I suspect its going to be unstable.

  • #2

    Eleonore (Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:31)

    Yes, it does fit on the Quick Lock 1 from Ortlieb. You only need to flip the bottom rail.
    For more Pictures:

  • #3

    Dmitrylo (Saturday, 21 March 2020 16:50)

    Thank you!