How to Plan a Relaxing Weekend Getaway Without Going Broke - Guest Article from Henry Moore

Henry Moore, author of the website FitWellTraveler, contacted me about a guest article for my Alpintiger Blog. I was totally excited to hear that someone who lives in California, USA and runs their own website was proposing an exchange of guest articles.

Henry Moores website blends two of his favourite subjects : Travel & Health. He provides readers with information about how to get the most out of both. This is a slightly different approach to travel than provided by my Alpintiger website, which focuses more on outdoor travel and adventure. In his guest article Mr. Moore talks specifically about the benefit of weekend trips and provides tips and tricks on savings and deals. In short: Wekend trips on a budget.

Most of my own travel is based on looking for special deals and offers. Therefore it is all the more fitting that Mr. Moore steps in to provide a guest article about this very topic. Particulare readers who travel North America may find some the companies he suggests for discount options helpful.


Please read his article below about weekend getaways:



How to Plan a Relaxing Weekend Getaway Without Going Broke

from Henry Moore )


Weekend getaways are a treasure. They help you maintain balance in life, and when you’ve become overwhelmed by daily stress and commitments, they can help you find your bearings again. They also give the whole family something to look forward to, and if you plan on the down-low, they can serve as a wonderful surprise.


So, why doesn’t every family plan weekend trips more often? Simply put: money. However, with some simple preparations, taking a short excursion doesn’t have to deplete your bank account. Here are some tips on how to plan a weekend getaway on a budget.


Look for Online Deals


The internet has brought many perks to households around the world, and travel planning is one of them. You can typically find great deals for at least part of your traveling (i.e. accommodations, airfare, car rentals, events, etc.), and sometimes you can even find bargains on every aspect of the trip. Look online for deals first, and then plan the rest of your trip around what you find. For instance, you can often find weekend deals and promo codes for companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which will help save you money while planning your adventure.


Carve at Least Two Days Into Your Schedule


There’s nothing relaxing about leaving for a trip on Saturday and coming back Sunday morning. That’s actually a day trip, which shouldn’t be confused with a weekend trip! Instead, make preparations to leave work early on Friday, or at least by Friday evening. Arriving at your destination with enough time to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed on Saturday morning is paramount to a successful trip. Also, look for Airbnbs in the area. Sometimes you can stay two nights at an Airbnb for about the same price as you can one night at a hotel. Alternately, you can check for discounts and savings through websites.


Choose the Right Destination


Weekend trips are meant to be restorative, and where you choose to go has a lot to do with making that happen. If there are good, affordable vacation spots within reasonable driving distance, take advantage. Not having to rent a car or spend half the day driving will keep your wallet happy and help you maximize your relaxation time. If you must fly, try to pick somewhere within a three-hour direct flight, and remember to keep an eye out for money-saving vacation packages from and cashback offers for companies such as Priceline.


However, keep in mind that once you arrive at your vacation spot, you want to have what you need within a short distance. Ideally, this means choosing a location that offers accommodations, restaurants, activities, etc. all close to each other to cut down on local travel time. It’s hard to relax when you spend the bulk of your 48-hour trip going from place to place. Convenience is key. Also, if the destination itself is relaxing, you can have a staycation, which is a great way to relax while saving money.


Plan Your Itinerary (Kind of)


When you’re trying to save money and make your trip the best it can be, it’s important to plan your itinerary — loosely. While preparing ahead of time is necessary to find good travel deals, you don’t want to make plans for every hour and be disappointed when you don’t fulfill all of them. Remember, the whole point of a vacation is to enjoy your time and destress. Strategize where you will stay and book it for two nights. Have a rent-a-car in place if necessary. Research restaurants in the area (check out cost-cutting sites like Groupon to find ways to save money) and book a reservation for one night. Plan for maybe one or two tours/activities on Saturday and leave the rest of your time open for exploration.


Going away for the weekend doesn’t have to be expensive. Look online ahead of time for deals on hotels, car rentals, restaurants, and more. Be sure to leave at least two days in your schedule, and choose a destination that allows you to enjoy your time without spending loads of money. Finally, plan your itinerary so that you can have structure without overcommitting.


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