BLOG ! · 18. June 2018
I was asked a bicycle question. Whether it is possible to use the large Ortlieb back panniers on the front wheel. My answer and photos...

Anker Quad-Port Wall Charger
BLOG ! · 03. June 2018
My newest travel item: the Anker Four Port USB charger.

BLOG ! · 28. May 2018
Cell Phone Coverage, Electricity, Communication, Weather, Clothing, River Crossings, Huts....

BLOG ! · 09. February 2018
Oh Hell NO! Don't do that. LOL...I once survived a few very cold nights (water bottles froze) in a summer sleeping bag. All the more hillarious since this happenend in....Australia. The hot continent. Who knew it could get so cold there. Oh boy. My mistake. It got me a first hand experience with hypothermia. I was able to extract myself from that situation and get to somewhere warm and safe. I learned a valuable lessen from it: Don't ever go winter camping in a summer sleeping bag. It was a...
BLOG ! · 28. January 2018
Axing an old myth about layering clothes on top of your sleeping bag.
BLOG ! · 28. December 2017
You have a sleeping bag which is not quite warm enough by a few degrees? There are things you can do, to improve the insulation of your sleeping bag.

BLOG ! · 14. December 2017
Does it make a noticeable temperature difference, when a cup is covered with a lid? An update to the previous article.

BLOG ! · 10. December 2017
Gear stores sell insulated double wall mugs, designed to keep liquids warmer for longer. Do they?

BLOG ! · 08. December 2017
Winter Tips & Tricks Serie: Why it is important to put on dry clothing before crawling into the sleeping bag.

BLOG ! · 30. November 2017
Winter Tips & Tricks Serie: How to make an improvised bivy big out of your goretex jacket.

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