BLOG ! · 01. November 2018
Weekend getaways are a treasure. They help you maintain balance in life, and when you’ve become overwhelmed by daily stress and commitments, they can help you find your bearings again. They also give the whole family something to look forward to, and if you plan on the down-low, they can serve as a wonderful surprise.
BLOG ! · 18. June 2018
I was asked a bicycle question. Whether it is possible to use the large Ortlieb back panniers on the front wheel. My answer and photos...

Anker Quad-Port Wall Charger
BLOG ! · 03. June 2018
My newest travel item: the Anker Four Port USB charger.

BLOG ! · 28. May 2018
Cell Phone Coverage, Electricity, Communication, Weather, Clothing, River Crossings, Huts....

BLOG ! · 09. February 2018
Oh Hell NO! Don't do that. LOL...I once survived a few very cold nights (water bottles froze) in a summer sleeping bag. All the more hillarious since this happenend in....Australia. The hot continent. Who knew it could get so cold there. Oh boy. My mistake. It got me a first hand experience with hypothermia. I was able to extract myself from that situation and get to somewhere warm and safe. I learned a valuable lessen from it: Don't ever go winter camping in a summer sleeping bag. It was a...
BLOG ! · 28. January 2018
Axing an old myth about layering clothes on top of your sleeping bag.
BLOG ! · 28. December 2017
You have a sleeping bag which is not quite warm enough by a few degrees? There are things you can do, to improve the insulation of your sleeping bag.

BLOG ! · 14. December 2017
Does it make a noticeable temperature difference, when a cup is covered with a lid? An update to the previous article.

BLOG ! · 10. December 2017
Gear stores sell insulated double wall mugs, designed to keep liquids warmer for longer. Do they?

BLOG ! · 08. December 2017
Winter Tips & Tricks Serie: Why it is important to put on dry clothing before crawling into the sleeping bag.

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