Waimanu Trail

Big Island of Hawaii

There is no water supply along the trail other than from the natural streams.

Water filter or other method of water treatment is necessary to prevent water born illnesses.

At the Waimanu campsite there are 9 places available to set up tent. To stay overnight one must obtain a valid camping permit. Those must be purchased in advance, either online or at the District Office.

Napali Coast, Kauai

Kalalau Trail

Stunningly beautiful Na'Pali Coast 

Na'Pali is the Hawaiian word meaning "High Cliffs". The verdant cliffs rise as much as 4000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.

The Na'Pali Coast offers breathtaking scenery at every turn of the trail. The Kalalau Trail winds 12 miles along the coast line and passes steep cliff sides. At around mile 7 it gets even more dramatic and dangerous: there is the infamouse Crawlers Ledge. The trail narrows, the volcanic rock is brittle and there is an absolute vertigo inducing vertical drop off. Be carefull with large backpacks. In this section it is impossible to pass hikers coming from the opposite direction.
This specteculare trail is the only land access to the Kalalau beach. It is inaccessible for vehicles.

 Crawlers Ledge...!

Kalalau Beach

A camping permit must be obtained for staying over night.