Danube Bicycle-Tour 2019

320 kilometers, from Passau to Vienna

Journey from 21. June until 6. July 2019


Roman Festival


Danube Bicycle Path - Passau to Vienna


On Tuesday 28th of June we took the bicycle train from Vienna to Passau. The historic town centre of Passau with its baroque architecture invited for a stroll. Its unique location at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, gave Passau the name “Dreiflüssestadt” – Three-River-City.The next day we left at 6 in the morning to begin our ride on the Danube Cycle Path. At 11 o'clock we had already reached Inzell. There is a spectacular oxbow bend in the river, it turns back on itself 180 degrees and then back again in the eastern direction. 

Museum Celtic Village in Mitterkirchen 

The village of 20 buildings shows how people lived here 2700 years ago.


Ybbs at the Danube

The town Ybbs is called gateway to the Nibelungengau. The romantic centre with its Barbenbergian architecture invites for a stroll. We stopped to enjoy a coffee break. 


The famous Benedictine monastery of Melk was founded in 1089. The building in its present form dates back to the Baroque period. The monastery includes a park, which was built around 1747. It is one of the most important garden-architectural monuments in Austria.

In Umberto Eco's novel "The Name of the Rose" the young Adson of Melk lived in this monastery before he followed brother William of Baskerville on his secret mission.

 We were lucky to stay as guests in the monastry. 


The highlight of our visit to Melk was that we got the key to the gate of the famous abbey garden and had permission to enter it after all the other visitors were gone. This evening we enjoyed the privilege to have the magnificent garden all to ourselves. 



 On Wednesday 3rd July we arrived in Vienna, after eight days and 320 kilometres on the Danube Bicycleroute.

Cafe Sacher