Rheinhessen - bicycle Tour "Amiche"

The route "Amiche" is named after a railway line, which once ran between Alzey and Bodenheim. In the 1980s the railway was abandond and parts of the track were turned into a bicycle path.

We start our tour in Nierstein with an ascent to Dexheim. Between Köngernheim and Gau-Bischofsheim the landscape turns into a gently rolling plateau with wide views. The path leads past vineyards, meadows, streams and hedgerows. In the lovely villages a choice of gastronomy welcomes guests. Most noteably the many wine taverns, where the famous local Riesling white wines are served. 

Shortly after Gau-Bischofsheim is a picnic area with a hut, with panoramic view across Bodenheim, the Rhine and to Frankfurt in the far distance. 

From there follows a racy downhill ride into Bodenheim, which has some really good restaurants and wine taverns. 
Until Nackenheim the bicycle path is alongside a busy main road. Then it leads through the vineyards of the famous Roter Hang.

In Nierstein the quaint Marktplatz with restaurants and cafes is well worth a visit. 

We took the ferry to set over to Kornsand and ended our tour in Geinsheim.