MSR Hubba NX  2017

Since this year the Hubba NX from MSR has become my dedicated backpacking tent. I have the recent model from 2017. It is a one person tent and normaly weighs 1300g. Although there are Light & Fast set-up options, which weigh less.

The MSR Hubba NX has seen quite a bit of action this year and has gone with me through three very different climate zones: humid and hot in Hawaii, rainy and windy in Icleand, dry and hot in the Grand Canyon.
I bought this tent because it weighs about 1 kilo less than my old tent, the Wolfskin Last Resort II. While weight is not so much a problem when bicycle touring, it is a much bigger issue when backpacking. 
The Hubba NX is a 1-person tent. For someone my size it is comfortably spacious and high. I can sit upright, without my head constantly scraping along the roof. The storage area in front of the tent is pretty small though. My big backpack, the cookset and shoes just so fit underneath it. I did cover the backpack with its own raincover though, whenever I expected rain to come. The fly of the Hubba NX doesn't come all the way down to the ground. This provides exellent ventilation - I never had a problem with condensation, not even on rain days - but is problematic when stronger winds catch underneath or drive rain right under the fly. Fortunately the fabric on the inner tent comes up high enough, so that rain and mud splashing up didn't get into the inner tent.

During the hot nights in Hawaii and Grand Canyon I particulare enjoyed the set-up option with the fly pulled half way back. This still provides some feeling of shelter and protection, yet giving it a great ventilation and unobstructed view of the stars. If need to be, it just takes one smooth movement to pull the fly back over the tent and hook it down and you are fully sheltered again.

Jack Wolfskin Last Resort II

Winter camping in the Swiss Alps, with the Last Resort II from Jack Wolfskin.


The Last Resort II from Jack Wolfskin is a modified tunnel tent. It weighs 2,3 kilo. Not that very much for a spacious two-person tent. I bought this tent over 12 years ago. It's still in a fairly good shape. The most visible signs of aging show on the tent floor - the lamination is slowly coming off. Not too surprising though, since the floors suffer the most wear and tear during a tents life time. 

As long as there is no water pooling under the tent, it will still be fine. On my bicycle tour 2016 I had several rain days. The fly was still fully waterproof. Not bad for a 12 year old tent. 

The Last Resort II has seen a lot of action in those years, including trekking through St. Elias National Park in Alaska, winter camping in the Alps and 2016 it was for six weeks my home, when I was bicycle touring the New England States in the USA. It is a two person tent, which can fit three, with a little squeez. For one person it is downright spacious and offers a lot of storage. Ideal for longer bicycle tours, where the little extra weight doesn't matter, but the large space in the vestibule comes as a huge plus for storing the bicycle bags.


For backpacking purpose the much lighter MSR Hubba NX has become my prefered tent.